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What is Parkopedia?

Parkopedia is a service that allows drivers to find the closest parking to their destination, tells them how much it will cost and whether the space is available. Parkopedia also allows drivers to pay for parking online, through a mobile app and in-car.

What does Parkopedia provide?

Parkopedia provides detailed information on 90 million parking spaces in over 20000 cities globally, including real-time parking space availability information in over 4000 cities. Information includes:

  • Address with entrance and exit coordinates
  • Area Shape
  • Opening Hours
  • Full price list
  • Total number of parking spaces
  • Operator contact details
  • Security information (CCTV, light, gate)
  • Payment information (cash, credit cards, phone)
  • Height restrictions
  • EV charging, etc

Does Parkopedia manage any car parks?

No, Parkopedia does not manage any car parks.

What is private parking?

Private parking refers to spaces provided by individuals who rent out their garages and driveways.

Reservations FAQ

Do I get a guaranteed spot by reserving a parking space through Parkopedia?

Absolutely! By booking a parking space with Parkopedia you will get a guaranteed space for the duration of your booking.

How do I have to proceed in order to park my car once the reservation is completed?

Once you complete the reservation, we will email you your parking pass. You will need to present it at the parking facility in order to park your car. You can also find the parking pass in the Reservations section on our website or mobile apps. Most parking providers also accept e-passes (on your mobile phone). If the parking provider requires a printed parking pass we will always inform you before you complete your reservation.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Cancellation policies vary per location. Please refer to the information displayed at the time of booking for the specified location. Please read our terms and conditions carefully for more info.

Can I leave and return the parking space during the reservation period?

The parking locations available for booking do not allow in/out privileges (repeat entry), unless this is expressly indicated in the provided Parking Pass.

Can I change the details of my booking?

We do not allow any amendments to existing bookings. To amend a booking (e.g. time, date and parking location specified) please cancel the existing booking and start a new one.

What happens if I arrive earlier to the car park?

Unfortunately, if you arrive earlier you’ll be charged by the parking operator from the time you arrive until your reservation period starts. This charge will be based on the applicable tariff for each parking provider.

What happens if I stay longer than my reservation period?

If you stay longer than your booked exit time and grace period, some locations will automatically charge for the overstay. This charge will be based on the applicable tariff for the overstay period for each parking provider. However, as this depends on the parking provider, we recommend that you always check your booking confirmation email for details and contact us prior to the end of the booked exit time and grace period with any queries.

Do I need to print the parking pass in order to park my car?

This depends on the parking provider. Although most parking providers accept e-passes (on your mobile phone), some of them still require a printed parking pass. We always provide this information before completing the reservation and in the confirmation email once the reservation is completed.

Why do you need my vehicle license plate?

Parking operators require it to identify the cars which have reserved a space.